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Andrea is a life-long resident of North Carolina, with a chemistry degree from Appalachian State University. As a child, she remembers mixing powders and shampoos together to observe changes in color and consistency. Andrea has been known to dissect caterpillars or chicken hearts and keep insects in the freezer to educate her children. She has always believed adolescents can understand much more about science and their bodies if provided with comprehensible explanations. She takes pride in working as a liaison between experts and the general public trying to make sense of science. This niche, along with her interest in biology and medicine, poised Andrea to become an independent patient advocate and founder of Patient Navigation Team, LLC. 

When she’s not engaging in scientific research, Andrea enjoys volunteering, supporting arts education, and spending time with her family. She resides in Summerfield and has two adult children, Ashley and Will.

Andrea Cudd Alemanni - Author

Roman is from Mexico and was born and raised in the city of Toluca. His first drawings were for schoolwork, where he enjoyed copying photos and cartoons. Years later, he majored in graphic design and found that children’s illustration fulfilled him as an artist. His work is full of vibrant colors, and he aims to evoke emotional responses from his audiences.

Roman is the recipient of several awards for his designs and advertising in Mexico, including Best Mobile Game in VJMX 2019 for Ghost Attack. He has worked for Nick Jr. creating character designs for children’s shows. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with family and friends and travelling around his beautiful country. He currently works and resides in Mexico City

Roman Diaz - Illustrator

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