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With outbreaks of preventable childhood diseases occurring around the world, the World Health Organization (WHO) considered vaccine hesitancy to be one of “Ten Threats to Global Health in 2019.” That’s right up there with climate change, HIV, and flu pandemic (for which there is NO vaccine). 

When considering where this hesitancy comes from, I thought back to my experience in taking my own children to the doctor for shots. I do not recall any explanation of vaccine benefits. I was handed a sheet of paper, my child was poked in the leg, and off I went with a crying kid! I drafted this book to change that paradigm. With Roman Diaz as illustrator, Ava Antibody was brought to life. I address the controversial topic of vaccines in the inaugural book of my children’s health education series—why start anywhere else?

Now you can provide your child with an explanation of vaccines that they will understand. Ava Antibody Explains: Your Body and Vaccines is a valuable educational tool, introducing children to the immune system and how vaccines aid in preventing sickness. Ava even explains herd immunity! This book provides a true inside look at how vaccinations defend the body against illness without having to endure the illness itself.


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